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Morphos The latest article in our OSNews OS contest: Learn about MorphOS, the heir to the Amiga legacy. This article chronicles its bumpy history, its still-compelling features, and the current state of MorphOS development.
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[Rant]Wrong direction?
by Ringheims Auto on Mon 17th Jul 2006 15:32 UTC
Ringheims Auto
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Nice article!

One distinctive feature of MorphOS is that it has a small "footprint". A complete installation requires less than 5 Megabytes for the whole OS.

Hehe....makes me wonder where on earth other OS-developments are going. Now, of course those other OS's might have more dingle and dangle, but first you don't really need them, and second, it is (typically) NOT comparable to the amount of resources used when you compare it to MorphOS, BeOS, etc.
It's sad that that big amount of resources on a modern system is used for the OS. As a sound technician I need all I can get, and as a desktop-user I'd like to get away with a cheaper machine for writing emails.

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