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Windows "Microsoft has just released the latest installment of the Windows Vista pre-RC1 builds, with Vista Build 5472.5 making its way to TAP and Tech Beta tester today, and for once, MSDN Subscribers too. Build 5472.5 is a standard FRE Staged build, only available in English at the moment, though Arabic, Japanese, and German builds may follow. At this point all the builds we are seeing seem to undergoing severe stages of heavy optimization: although faster code normally comes at the expense of larger files as a rule of thumb, this build of Windows Vista packs a punch performance-wise, but is only a 100 MB larger than its predecessor. "
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Wow talk about lamers
by cchance on Tue 18th Jul 2006 01:34 UTC
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My god they release a performance optimized version with some small tweaks and you all call for them to close shop... when linux or osx accounts for over 90% of desktop computers then you can talk.. until then just shut the hell up.

As for the wallpaper i kind of like it i've seen the hills like that down here in the caribbean but i never seem to have a camera when the unlight actually does dicide to pull off the orangy glow.

As for Linux and Apple they can both bite my butt... I use linux at my office and refuse to use it for my desktop, after probably 8 distro's on my desktops and reinstalling over 20 times and trying just about 30 kernal versions/revisions... i've decided im sticking with window. You install it and it works end of story... 2000,XP,2003,Vista for me are extremely stable no BSODS etc... so you know what its the perfect enviroment for the shear fact that IT JUST WORKS.

As for apple they have a wonderful OS i will give them that but when they have the software and developer support windows has perhaps ill look at it more than just in glancing. Then theirs the even bigger reason i won't use OSX ... Why is it apple although using x86 hardware still has to play god and require "apple" hardware... grow up and share, dell should sue apple for monopolizing the apple OS... the fact is its on x86 so it should work on all x86 not just "apple" x86 ... GIVE ME A BREAK

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