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Geek stuff, sci-fi... "Artificial intelligence is 50 years old this summer, and while computers can beat the world's best chess players, we still can't get them to think like a 4-year-old. This week in Boston, some of the field's leading practitioners are gathering to examine this most ambitious of computer research fields, which at once has managed to exceed, and fall short of, our grandest expectations."
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RE: The brain is not a CPU.
by Tom Janowitz on Tue 18th Jul 2006 11:20 UTC in reply to "The brain is not a CPU."
Tom Janowitz
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Exactly. Cpu doesn't resemble brain in the slightest. It can compute, but will not process data (senses, images etc.) in this huge hyper-parrallell manner. Moreover brain is not a binary system. Every synaps reacts in a different way dependent on environtmental variables (chemical composition, stress etc.).

It's not even those 200 bln synapsys (I thought there was order of magnitude less of them), but the overwhelming number of possible connections that they can create. Think sth. like factorial of 20bln (when 100! is some billions times the number of atoms in an observable area of the universe). If you want to build a computer behaving like a brain of a living organism, than you better not try to be smarter than mother nature (whith quantum mechanics and billions of year of evolution as her's allies).

As to the numerical simulations, I think we are only constrained by available memory and ... software. It doesn't have to be real time in order to be intelligent. But I would be more than just inclined, there is need for non deterministic mechanisms incorporated from ground up (sth resembling quantum mechanics implications). Maybe $RANDOM will do, but I don't really know . This begs a question if we really have free will, but it probably depends on how we define ourselves. And just as a side note - if sth gives results just as a living, thinking (i.e.intelligent) organism would do, doesn't mean it's intelligent. Simulation is just it - a simulation, I think the divergence is very important here, although AFAIR Touring's Test doesn't define intelligence in this manner.

Anyway, there will be no Skynet any time soon (BTW - I love Terminator teil 1 - watched it .. 15 times or so, Cameron is a Genius), but the future of AI is bright, since we now can acknowledge that there is tremendous work to be done to achive even slightes progress in this matter and hopefully do sth about it.

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