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OSNews, Generic OSes In its initial concept, OpenVMS (then VAX/VMS) sought to provide the functionality and capabilities of a mainframe-class system at a small fraction of the size and cost, while at the same time providing higher levels of reliability and integrity. These goals were achieved by what has become OpenVMS' hallmark, an emphasis on integrity and architectural leverage. Note: This is an entry to our OS Contest.
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OpenVMS / Tru64
by jimmystewpot on Tue 18th Jul 2006 14:09 UTC
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Having been a DEC then Compaq then HP user over my entire working life I have always loved using both OpenVMS and Tru64 operating systems on the Alpha hardware. The usability has constantly improved in general and the overall stability has always been brilliant. I really wish HP would continue to develop and support the Alpha combinations into the future.

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