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OSNews, Generic OSes "Microsoft and XenSource today announced they will cooperate on the development [.pdf] of technology to provide interoperability between Xen-enabled Linux and the new Microsoft Windows hypervisor technology-based Windows Server virtualization. With the resulting technology, the next version of Windows Server, code-named 'Longhorn', will provide customers with a flexible and powerful virtualization solution across their hardware infrastructure and operating system environments for cost-saving consolidation of Windows, Linux and Xen-enabled Linux distributions."
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RE: hmmmmm.....
by searly on Tue 18th Jul 2006 15:05 UTC in reply to "hmmmmm....."
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Knowing Miscrosoft and their business tactics i would guess something $tink$.

"I get the impression that the deal is that Xen-aware guests will also run natively under the Windows hypervisor, not vice versa."

... as far as i understand this Windows Server is the host OS and xen-aware Os's will be able to run under Windows hypervisor technology.

it would be interresting to see how much Microsoft will contribute towards the other way round, i.e how they will help with ...

"Windows can already run on Xen under hardware-assisted virtualization, and there are some plans to accelerate and robustify this and to enable full virtualization even on older platforms. "

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