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OSNews, Generic OSes In its initial concept, OpenVMS (then VAX/VMS) sought to provide the functionality and capabilities of a mainframe-class system at a small fraction of the size and cost, while at the same time providing higher levels of reliability and integrity. These goals were achieved by what has become OpenVMS' hallmark, an emphasis on integrity and architectural leverage. Note: This is an entry to our OS Contest.
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VMS & File Version Numbers
by shotsman on Tue 18th Jul 2006 17:42 UTC
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I wish you would expand on why file version numbers are a BAD thing.
In my experience of using VMS from 1979 I have had countless experiences where the ability to retrieve older versions of file has been a godsend. I would actually go so far as wanting them in Unix/Linux and dare I say it, even Windows.

Now onto DCL and by implication, the utilities it uses.
DCL is probably one of the earliest scripting languages. I wrote many complicated installers in DCL.
Some of the features of DCL are unrivalled. The Totally tree structured help puts most Unix man pages into total shame.

As other replies have said it is Rock Solid and the OpenVMS Clustering and the clustered filesystem is brilliant. Try doing rolling upgrades on other clusters. Some of my IBM friends put it in the same league as Z/OS for stability.

Ok, I have to declare some interest. I was a DEC Employee for 20 years but left in 1999.

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