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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "Due to the recent media hype surrounding the new MacBooks and the lack of actual experimentation, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Since I work in the IT department of a factory that uses all Dell computers, I was able to borrow a brand new Dell Latitude D620 for a few hours. Also readily available to me was an Oakton InfraPro infrared thermometer and my very own MacBook. There has been a significant negative response to the amount of heat emitted from the MacBooks. Since I own a MacBook, why not put it to the test!"
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Re: Look, down on your thighs...
by trezzer on Tue 18th Jul 2006 23:34 UTC
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It's a MacBook - not MacBook Pro.

I have the black version myself and while it's warm it's far from the temperature of the MacBook Pro or even my 12" PowerBook G4 - even during full load on both cores for extended periods of time. It's perfectly comfortable to have in my lap, though I mostly use a koolsink(.com) for tilting and better air flow. I actually got it because of all the "OMG it's so hot" posts on the internet, so I didn't know how hot it was going to be. It doesn't really make so much of a difference on the MacBook temperature-wise, but it sure made a huge difference, when I tested it with my old Powerbook. Before it would shoot right up to around 60 degrees after ten minutes of full cpu load, but using the koolsink it took around 50 minutes to reach it - and unlike before the fans could actually get it down below the threshold where the fans stop again automatically.

So yeah, if you have an aluminium (or other metal) laptop, you can get excellent results. It's not rocket science and you can even build one yourself if you have the tools - but the quality and finish was worth it for me.

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