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Mono Project The Mono debate over on the GNOME desktop developer mailing list is heating up again. Philip Van Hoof makes a compelling argument about the need for GNOME decision makers to take into consideration future developers and the over-reliance of C and GObject in GNOME. At what point does a general-purpose, high level framework and runtime become a necessity for GNOME?
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What about Ruby?
by searly on Wed 19th Jul 2006 09:17 UTC
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I heard that the KDE guys are thinking to "standardize" on a high level language for rapid development, so developers who would use VB on Windows have sth. equivalent for KDE. The two languages in discussion i think are Ruby and Python. Ruby seems to evolve fast and seems to be very popular, particular through projects like Ruby on Rails. I don't know how mature the Ruby bindings are though and how speed and memory consumption compares to other languages. Alexandria is an application written in Ruby.

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