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Amiga & AROS "In a previous item, we described how the AmigaOS4.0 memory system works in terms of managing memory allocations from the top. However, there is more to allocating memory than that. The object caches of course work on memory that has already been mapped into the virtual memory space. But both the virtual address ranges, as well as the physical memory has to come from a source, too."
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I'm tired of the PPC argument
by wonea on Wed 19th Jul 2006 11:29 UTC
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Yes, PPC was a great processor for it's time, and yes if there is ever a chance of AOS4 being profitable it should be ported to x86.

But the facts are, it's never gonna happen quickly. I expect a release date of about 2008/9 with a few pinches of hope along the way.

Shame really, because AOS4 is Gorgeous!

We may get people building Amigaone's on a small scale. But unless they can turn in a profit, then the incentive goes with it.

Genesi seems to be the only company, capable of profitably building desktop ppc machines these days.

Also IBM's roadmap for PPC desktop chips should be taken into account. It's encouraging that the next generation of consoles all use their chips. Can the Amiga benefit from this? Or is the amount of money involved too high in integrating such technology? Would it be cheaper just move everything to x86. I think so, you'd certainly get more performance for the money.

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