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Features, Office has been increasing in both popularity and visibility over the past several months. Version 2.0 has added a number of new features to bring it closer to feature parity with Microsoft Office, and it also offers full support for the Open Document format. However, a report just released by the French Ministry of Defense says that it still falls short of Microsoft's office suite in one important area: security.
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helpful ?
by quenturi on Wed 19th Jul 2006 11:49 UTC
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I'd like to hear feedback in a few months from Oo about that and see if they have been given all details about those security issues.
Communication is not always a field military forces shine (not talking about stuff seen on TV but 'real' communication lol).

@hobgobelin : afaik political debates have nothing to do here and comments about french, US or whatever military forces usually only get people kinda crazy.

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