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Debian and its clones There is an update for the next Debian release plan. According to Marc Brockschmidt Etch will carry 4.0 as version number and should be released on December 4th, 2006. "Please note that as of now, RC bugs and problematic transitions are our main concern. There has been progress, but we still need to lower the number of release critical bugs further."
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RE: Debian: Keep on Keeping on
by darkcoder on Wed 19th Jul 2006 15:07 UTC
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Debian is what serious people run. I don't want something that changes every month or every year on my server.

Also FreeBSD, Gentoo, RHEL.

My servers are happy with Debian and I sleep well at night. I hope they maintain the wonderful level of quality that they have had with every release up to now.

Well, running an OS from a project who's server has been compromised twice. No, no, no, I will not sleep well at night running them.

While Debian provide longer support than probably most free binary non-rolling distributions, I think that at the server level they lack some security steps taken by other open source projects like SELinux (or RBAC), stack protection in kernel, stack overflow protected binaries. The day Debian includes those as default, then I will consider them for a server.

Also I found and not only in Debian, but on most distributions is that they take too long to update a kernel. Sometimes 4-6 days after the patch released at

That's why I have a Gentoo box with hardened (stack protection and other stuff) in all binaries, and my custom Exec Shield kernel, which infact, I update the same day a new security patch comes out.

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