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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "Canonical's Ubuntu 6.06 LTS is an excellent Linux-based operating system - so excellent, in fact, that it not only earned eWEEK Labs' Analyst's Choice designation but has also become our clear favorite among Linux desktop distributions. This latest Ubuntu release, which became available in June, has won our ardor with a tight focus on desktop usability; an extremely active, helpful and organized user community; and a software installation and management framework that's unsurpassed on any OS platform."
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RE[3]: Ubuntu is a nice distro
by arctic on Thu 20th Jul 2006 08:57 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Ubuntu is a nice distro"
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"We all understand that you prefer Debian and don't like anything about ubuntu. So why they hell are you posting here?"

Well, I prefer Fedora to Debian, to be honest. ;)

I don't hate Ubuntu, I simply don't like some things that they did to Ubuntu since its first release (4.10). IMHO they went the wrong path when 5.04 came out. And what I dislike is reading an article that I expect to give me some information WHY Ubuntu is the desktop champ and the only thing I read is a fanboy shouting out that his OS is the best without giving me real arguments for why this is so. It is a bit like: "My car is the best of them all, but I won't tell you why this is so, as you aren't really interested in it."

If I write an article, I have to give well funded arguments for why something I write might be true. If I can't or don't care to do that, then it is nothing more than advertising/poor marketing.

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