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Fedora Core Will Woods, the new test lead for the Fedora Project, has only been in his position a few weeks, but already he has a clear goal in mind. Whenever Fedora is mentioned on Slashdot, he notes, "There's always someone who will comment that Fedora is just Red Hat's beta test for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It's not true, and I want no one to have cause to say that ever again."
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FC3 to FC5 ....
by Shkaba on Thu 20th Jul 2006 21:00 UTC
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Have been the alternative OS on my notebook ever since FC3 was released. They did require some initial tweaking but in all very stable. I have to add that with each new release I was getting more and more impressed. Currently though I am testing SLED 10 as a viable replacemant for one of our companies, mainly because of openoffice tweaks that novell has done, but I still remain a big fedora fan

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