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Privacy, Security, Encryption A new report from Symantec security researchers contends that Microsoft's much-awaited Vista operating system could harbor a range of vulnerabilities that will make it less secure than previous iterations of Windows. According to research published July 18 by Symantec, a number of Vista's software components, specifically a handful of protocols related to its redesigned networking technologies, could become security loopholes if Microsoft does not fix the problems or ensure that the product is configured appropriately to hide the glitches when it is shipped.
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RE: Linux and DRM/Trusted Computing
by DonQ on Thu 20th Jul 2006 21:16 UTC in reply to "Linux and DRM/Trusted Computing"
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It's very good that Linux doesn't support DRM and TCPA!

Although I consider DRM/TCPA evil, not supporting these isn't always good.

What do you do, when you get DRM protected mail or dosument? Install DRM supporting OS? You may decide to ignore such documents, but maybe your future will depend on this mail or document? Not good.

From other side, simple fact that some/many users cannot read DRM protected documents, can avoid widespread use of this technology - which is good. Like always - every coin has two sides...

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