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Microsoft Microsoft pledged to 'play fair' on all its future operating systems, including Windows Vista, will abide by self-imposed rules aimed at bolstering choice and competition. The announcement comes just a week after the European regulators slapped the company with a USD 357.3 million fine for noncompliance with a 2004 antitrust ruling.
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by UglyKidBill on Thu 20th Jul 2006 23:36 UTC
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>>>One thing I was wondering... why doesn't anybody say something about apple bundling every kind of software with their OS? Ok Apple does not detain 80% or whatever it is of the market share... and Apple did not kill netscape, but still, when you buy a mac there are more apps bundled with the OS than in Windoze. Sure you can install your own... but how many do that?
I'm not trying to defend MS... it's just something that came to my mind...

MS is/was not accused so much for bundling many applications, instead it is accused for
* Prohibiting OEMs to bundle non-MS apps if they wanted to or iff the customers wanted to.
* Prohibiting OEMs to remove MS applications
* Making some apps hard or even impossible to be uninstalled
* Making some MS apps behave in such a way that they would block or turn too difficult the installation of apps made by competitors.

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