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Microsoft Microsoft pledged to 'play fair' on all its future operating systems, including Windows Vista, will abide by self-imposed rules aimed at bolstering choice and competition. The announcement comes just a week after the European regulators slapped the company with a USD 357.3 million fine for noncompliance with a 2004 antitrust ruling.
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by MollyC on Fri 21st Jul 2006 00:33 UTC in reply to "Re: but"
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MS is/was not accused so much for bundling many applications, instead it is accused for
* Prohibiting OEMs to bundle non-MS apps if they wanted to or iff the customers wanted to.
* Prohibiting OEMs to remove MS applications
* Making some apps hard or even impossible to be uninstalled
* Making some MS apps behave in such a way that they would block or turn too difficult the installation of apps made by competitors.

None of that applies to Apple since Apple is its own OEM (after they killed of the Mac clones because the clones were outcompeting Apple itself). But from a consumer's point of view (which is what I care about; damn the OEM's and their crapware ad-ons), Mac buyers are more locked in with fewer choices than Windows PC buyers. Hell, you can't even add a different search engine to OSX's default browser, let alone change the default (due to Apple's *exclusive* deal with Google). So Mac fans should be wary of acting like Apple is an angel of some sort. They're no better than MS.

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