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Microsoft Microsoft pledged to 'play fair' on all its future operating systems, including Windows Vista, will abide by self-imposed rules aimed at bolstering choice and competition. The announcement comes just a week after the European regulators slapped the company with a USD 357.3 million fine for noncompliance with a 2004 antitrust ruling.
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So Microsoft officially admitted?
by Jokel on Fri 21st Jul 2006 11:43 UTC
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By giving this new terms, Microsoft oficcially admitted having the OEM's in a stranglehold until now. They have actively prohibited to install any other system than windows. All the people criticising Mirosoft for this beaviour where right all the time...

Now am I tho only one that's reading between the rules?

Anyway - I don't think the phrase:

"10. Communications protocols. Microsoft will make available, on commercially reasonable terms, all of the communications protocols that it has built into Windows and that are used to facilitate communication with server versions of Windows."

- is gonna take them out of problems with the EU. They still can rule out any OSS vendor on terms that it's not "commercially reasonable" to give them any information. They also can ask ANY price (as long as they say it's "commercially reasonable", and who can argue against it?). Also they can ask anyone seeing this information to sign a NDA, because they never said the information is freely available. Also they only give information to "communicate" with the server version of windows. That rules out ANY other protocol..

The EU has asked them to open up these protocols for anyone to use. Microsoft still can use the above rules to only open up this information for a selected group, for a high fee and under any condition they like...

Sounds to me nothing has been changed........

(sorry about my english - it's not my native language)

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