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Privacy, Security, Encryption A new report from Symantec security researchers contends that Microsoft's much-awaited Vista operating system could harbor a range of vulnerabilities that will make it less secure than previous iterations of Windows. According to research published July 18 by Symantec, a number of Vista's software components, specifically a handful of protocols related to its redesigned networking technologies, could become security loopholes if Microsoft does not fix the problems or ensure that the product is configured appropriately to hide the glitches when it is shipped.
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by Termal on Fri 21st Jul 2006 18:18 UTC in reply to "RE"
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A friend's mother bought an off the shelf Compaq (or maybe HP, not much difference) less than a year ago with 512MB of mem and a decent socket 754 Sempron cpu...and you know what? It *was* really sluggish because of all the pre-installed crap. Mostly trial-ware with 30-60 day expirations plus an awful bloated control center app. Took forever for the desktop to fully load and it was anything but snappy even afterwards.

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