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Qt In a series of articles (part I, part II) during the month of July, OfB's Timothy R. Butler explained why he felt that KDE needed to move beyond the Qt toolkit it uses as a foundation. In that series, he asserted that the licensing of Qt is becoming a stumbling block to the desktop's adoption. Eric Laffoon, the project lead for KDE's Kdewebdev module, takes exception to Butler's arguments and makes the case for his view on the issue of Qt at
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RE[2]: Freedom of choice
by Morty on Sat 6th Aug 2005 23:18 UTC
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Why do you keep giving that stupid link to that political nonsens over at LSB. It has time after time, and even on their mailinglist, shown why they are mistaken. Both their reasoning and their errornous interpretation of the QT license. Some of them still insist you have to pay royalties for commercial Qt usage. Since they have no valid arguments, neither technical or based on licensing issues it's pure politics.

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