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Editorial Politicians. They are a certain type of people. I do not like them. Many do not like them. I think if there's one thing all of man has in common, whether he be Christian or Muslim, black or white, young or old, American or European, is a dislike of politicians. But then-- why on earth do we allow politics to complicate software? Note: Sunday Eve Column.
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As Long As It Gets Hot Enough, Who Cares?
by enloop on Sun 23rd Jul 2006 23:22 UTC
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>> "[Politicians] appear to care about what we think, but in reality, all the time they are debating about what we supposedly want, all they really think about is "what do I need to say to get votes?", instead of "what do the people want/does the country need?""

Well, of course. People seldom pay attention to what politicians do unless it affects them personally. Democracy is premised on the existence of an informed and engaged population. But, today, most voters don't see themselves as participants in government with a responsibility to make informed decisions. They see government as an entity that provides goods and services and themselves as its customers. Democracy can't survive under those circumstance. Such people will welcome a tyranny that meets their needs and keeps them happy rather than endure the vagaries of a democracy.

As for Gnome and Mono, well... that's the reason I walked away from open source. Too much inane patter and conflict about issues that users have no reason to care about. Whether or not Gnome includes Mono is about as important to users as the kind of metal used to make the heating elements in their toasters. As long as it gets hot enough, who cares?

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