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Editorial Politicians. They are a certain type of people. I do not like them. Many do not like them. I think if there's one thing all of man has in common, whether he be Christian or Muslim, black or white, young or old, American or European, is a dislike of politicians. But then-- why on earth do we allow politics to complicate software? Note: Sunday Eve Column.
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by arbour42 on Mon 24th Jul 2006 00:15 UTC
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Wow. These are the same EXACT arguments that were being bitched over 2 years ago! I knew they weren't going to cease, and here we are, 2 years down the road, and no one can come to a conclusion.

For those 2 years, think if all those Mono engineers could have been helping Python, or the new Perl (which is looking very fascinating). Or, God forbid, just gotten off this insane Linux desktop boatride/mishmash and helped Haiku.

Really, why should Miguel care though? He got the morons at Novell to buy his tiny company, and has had a paying job for 2 more years. He's still totally naive to think MS will allow Mono to reach a critical mass without them suing his pants off. That is MS's modus operandi, and their lawyers are just waiting to pounce on Mono. That's why people are scared, because they remember the 90's, and how ruthless Microsoft is.

And it doesn't matter if you say MS can't sue Mono for whatever inane reason. MS has hundreds of lawyers making $250,000 a year who can easily think of absurd reasons for any kind of lawsuit, and then Gnome is screwed.

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