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Linux Toby Richards wrote an opinion article for NewsForge, claiming that for him, Linux won't get mainstream until Evolution - or another capable Outlook-like client - gets optimized and offers 100% compatibility with Exchange. In the comments section of Newsforge readers offered more reasons as to why Linux is not mainstream, offering a view on their needs. My take: While for my personal, home usage of Linux my needs are different, I agree with Toby that companies won't switch their desktops if full Exchange compatibility isn't reached and if Evolution stops being the memory beast it currently is.
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RE[2]: more reasons...
by pandronic on Mon 24th Jul 2006 07:31 UTC in reply to "RE: more reasons..."
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10) That's an issue for Adobe.

Let me just say this: "ha ha". Maybe it's an issue for Adobe to support all the Linux desktop distros out there. I really don't understand why there are so many. To most users they all look the same, except for the wallpaper and the theme.

And while I'm at it ... why is there such a complicated and cryptic directory structure: can't there be dirs like linux/ (for the OS), software/ (installed programs), users/ (documents and settings) instead of usr, bin, etc, var, local, root, lib, mnt, tmp and so on? Why is there a need to use the command line on a daily basis to get anything done? I don't want to compile anything ever, I don't want to use package managers - I just want to click the installer and click away through the wizard, I want my OS easy so it doesn't get into my way and I can get work done.

I like very much the way PC-BSD is going. The PBI installers are so darn easy to use. It's something that linux should learn.

Maybe Linux's problem is that it's a server OS that also aspires to be a desktop OS. It would be so easy to make it user friendly if only the developers could think from Average Joe's perspective and not only from theirs.

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