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Linux Toby Richards wrote an opinion article for NewsForge, claiming that for him, Linux won't get mainstream until Evolution - or another capable Outlook-like client - gets optimized and offers 100% compatibility with Exchange. In the comments section of Newsforge readers offered more reasons as to why Linux is not mainstream, offering a view on their needs. My take: While for my personal, home usage of Linux my needs are different, I agree with Toby that companies won't switch their desktops if full Exchange compatibility isn't reached and if Evolution stops being the memory beast it currently is.
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My take
by pandronic on Mon 24th Jul 2006 07:58 UTC
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a. No more command line - everything should be possible via the GUI
b. No more weird directoris - system/, software/, users/ (gobolinux hierarchy looks nice - ) instead of usr,lib,mnt,root,etc,var,proc,tmp,WTF
c. Unify GTK, QT - all interfaces should look and act the same
d. Easy installation of software - click, next, next, finished (PBI looks great)
e. Easy installation of drivers - no more recompilation of kernel. Just use binary drivers!
g. Major distributions should be binary compatible (software and drivers) - so that the major players don't have to jump trought hoops to port their applications
f. Improve boot times - I don't want to wait two minutes and look at a pretty picture or text scrolling
h. Improve mounting - I want to read my fat32, ntfs partitions, I want to use my usb stick or digital camera, I want to read my CDs or use my floppy disks. Sometimes I can do some of these, why not all of them, all the time without editing obscure text files?
i. Improve networking - make it obvious to the user. I barely managed to write to a windows share and I gave up before getting networking to work properly
j. Include MP3 playback and some basic codecs by default
k. Stop bundling tens of useless applications with the default install

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