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RE[3]: Useless debate. Go C++.
by Torsten Rahn on Mon 24th Jul 2006 09:48 UTC
Torsten Rahn
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> On a video of Guadec I heard (I can't remember
> who said it) -- KDE has C++ but they have to
> stick with it.

Of course this is not correct.

KDE/Qt has several bindings. Many of them are successfully used in applications (like the Python / Ruby bindings, e.g.).

The most well-known example is probably our popular music player AMAROK which makes use of Ruby bindings (called "Korundum") more and more these days.

Mark Kretschmann of AMAROK fame has fallen so much in love with Ruby/Korundum that he went so far to say that he will "probably never again start a new GUI application in C++".

KDE will continue to stick to C++ as the core language for the foreseeable future. However there's a wide range of bindings (like Java, Javascript, etc.) for KDE available as well which is is growing and improving in terms of quality each day. For more information on those see:

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