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AMD AMD, the No. 2 supplier of computer processors, is close to a deal to buy graphics chip maker ATI for USD 5.5 billion, a source familiar with the situation said on Friday. Any such deal would shake up the processor industry, which is witnessing a battle over market share between AMD and rival Intel.
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RE[3]: One word AMD... WTF !
by Kochise on Mon 24th Jul 2006 12:30 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: One word AMD... DRIVERS!"
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"- ATI: You're lying, anything to make nVidia sound better! (this was the guys actual comment...)"

Actually AMD is a hardware maker, *NOT* a software designer. From a HW point of view, AMD products, as ATI products are just impressive. To the coders (the people you makes the SW) to make their part of the work. If these people are not good enough, release crappy code, then fire them, and switch for decent coders...

As the guy who gave the silly reply just above. This one should be trashed first in example ! It's not the first time ATI prooved they own bad SW guys, but this one is worse, he cannot even recognize things are to be improved on his side.


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