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Fedora Core "With Fedora Core 6 Test 2 set to be released July 26th, it is time we announce the End of Life of our various Legacy supported releases. After much discussion on fedora-legacy-list and the #fedora-legacy IRC channel on the freenode network, we have decided to end of life the following releases when FC6 Test2 is released: Fedora Core 1 & 2, Red Hat Linux 7.3 & 9." In the mean time, Red Hat is prepping its next big release, RHEL 5, supposedly a rival to Novell's SLED 10.
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The thing that should keep legacy distribution 'supported' by Fedora legacy is interest in them. If there is not interest, then there is really no sense in maintaining them. I am sure the updates to date will continue to be available. If there is any interest, then the Legacy project should continue supporting them. I am sure this is not just a knee jerk action. It is quite carefully considered

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