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Windows Vista's installation process is dramatically different to any previous version of Windows: rather than being an 'installer', the install DVD is actually a preinstalled copy of Windows that simply gets decompressed onto your PC. It is hardware agnostic so it can adjust to different systems, and you can also install your own apps into it so that your Vista install becomes a full system image install. There's an interview with a Microsoft Australia tech specialist as well as a story that looks at some of the pros and cons of image-based installs.
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Well they would have to speed it up a bit
by shotsman on Mon 24th Jul 2006 14:19 UTC
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If the size of the install being banded around is anything to go by.
The downsize of this is a great reduction in flexibility OOTB leading to more post install work and reboots, glorious reboots.
Until we see exactly what gets shipped I guess we will be left thinking that EVERYTHING will be on 'C'. This is not ideal but as the great god microsoft says this is how it must be then that is how it must be...
I expect there will be a lot of scope post install for 'fixing' the OOTB restrictions & Limits.
Personally, I would like to be able to have "Program Files" in its entirety on a separate drive by default but I'm probably in a minority of 1 here.

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