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AMD As rumoured about for weeks now, with the strongest rumours appearing a few days ago, AMD has bought ATI. "AMD, the world's second-biggest semiconductor maker, agreed to buy ATI for USD 5.4 billion, adding computer-graphics chips to its product lineup. ATI shares surged. AMD Chief Executive Officer Hector Ruiz is making the biggest purchase in the company's history to help escalate his challenge to Intel, which dominates the market for semiconductors. "
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You must not have seen the other hammer that dropped today with Intel pulling the license plug on ATI making itegrated chips for Intel boards. Your next laptop may have an intel chip in it, but it won't have both an intel chip and amd ATI video card.

This is turning into a bad situation, because who knows what AMD will do with ATI, and even though you'll still be able to drop an ATI card in any PCIE card slot, who knows what type of performance your going to get if you have an Intel MB. Also, what will happen between AMD and NVidia. I love NForce products,but I think those day are quickly comming to an end wth NVidia's number one rival setting roost in AMD hen house. In the short term, NVidia's stock is going to shoot up becuase they'll grab all the Intel high end clinets (Apple for example), but over the long haul, Intel is going to focus more on their own grafic ventures and NVidia is going to find a vastly smaller market that they're going to have to compete in. AMD and Intel with fight fercely with their integrated chipsets, with AMD having a good performance lead for a while (with ATI now in their pocket), while NVidia will be begging for somone to give them some business.

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