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AMD As rumoured about for weeks now, with the strongest rumours appearing a few days ago, AMD has bought ATI. "AMD, the world's second-biggest semiconductor maker, agreed to buy ATI for USD 5.4 billion, adding computer-graphics chips to its product lineup. ATI shares surged. AMD Chief Executive Officer Hector Ruiz is making the biggest purchase in the company's history to help escalate his challenge to Intel, which dominates the market for semiconductors. "
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My thoughts
by MNKyDeth on Mon 24th Jul 2006 21:54 UTC
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For me, being a diehard Linux user this merger does confuse me some. To me Intel has always looked as the bad company for the extremely high prices, the inherent lack of innovation in there cpu's and chipsets and the blue and white colors :/ uhg

AMD for me was always the good company cause of decent prices, especially when compared to performance and nvidia leading the way with them with there chipsets. Btw, AMD's colors suck imo aswell.

I have always bought nvidia gpu's and chipsets for the excellent support they provide in Linux. I never ever though about ATI cause of there well known lack of support but even more obvious is there lack of performance especially in a pure opengl environment.

What I am afraid of is if nvidia doesn't pay as much attention to the chipsets for AMD performance wise or stops making them for AMD completely. Since I know I absolutely have to have an nvidia gpu for my OS depending on performance in my games Intel cpu's on nvidia chipsets just became a whole lot more interesting to me. We all know using an nforce5 chipset with an nvidia gpu = instant stable OC's because of the new technology they are using. I know there hasn't been much of a performance boost in real terms, but nvidia imo is setting up an unbeatable combination for themselves wich will take some time for an AMD ATI setup to catch up with, especially under Linux.

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