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Games Research led by a pair of Iowa State University psychologists has proven for the first time that exposure to violent video games can desensitize individuals to real-life violence. "The results demonstrate that playing violent video games, even for just 20 minutes, can cause people to become less physiologically aroused by real violence."
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sources of violant content
by Tom Janowitz on Mon 24th Jul 2006 22:00 UTC
Tom Janowitz
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1) bible
2) Shakespeare's Hamlet
3) Little Red Riding Hood

I would start with banning the first one. As to 3 position - I prefer Alice Adventures in Wonderland anyway.
Well ... back to my UT2003 daily portion of flesh delivered tastely with 'floaty cadavers' mutator. I must be violant_supreme() judging by my gaming habbits, mustn't I ?

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