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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "Not long ago, choosing Linux in the data center meant a tradeoff. You had to give up some capabilities in exchange for freedom from Microsoft lock-in. But that has changed. These days the features of Windows and Linux stack up against each other very competitively. For the most part, administrators can choose Linux or Windows today without losing out. Some differences, however, must be considered. In this article, I look at several of those differences."
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fro ma dev point of view....
by dvhh on Tue 25th Jul 2006 08:37 UTC
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as a dev and a casual admin, I find that both world are doing things right and wrong
I agree that text base config is nice for backup et config versioning, but they are error prone, and most software won't read it unless they are restarted.

on the other hand GUI admin provide less error if they are clearly designed ( most windows admin GUI are quite cryptic ).

but for secure remote administration *nix OS are quite mandatory because there is no decent implementation of SSH on windows (for windows users).

as for uptime, the box uptime is no more related to the service uptime wich is the upmost important today. Ans still today windows and linux lack of convenient and easy tools to provide failover.

Where microsoft wins easily is the almost seamless integration between servers and clients. The speed of deployement of a client over a network is a plus.

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