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QNX In today's entry in our Alternative OS Contest, James Ingraham takes a close look at QNX, the operating system based on the Neutrino microkernel. He concludes that "While you can probably find solutions for just about all of your desktop computing needs using the QNX RTOS, that is not QNX's strong suit. Its focus is real-time, embedded, and mission critical applications." Read on for the whole article.
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"You can't do NOTHING with QNX..."

Ignoring the double negative...

I'd better call my customers quickly, then, since we've got about 100 industrial robots (we're a small company) doing "nothing" because they're running on QNX. Oh, and somebody put in a call to NASA and tell them the International Space Station isn't working either. Neither, apparently, is the Cabury plant in Canada, which is clearly NOT producing 48 million pounds of chocolate bars a year using QNX. And I guess we'll have to tell Audi, Accura, & Saab that their high-end, luxury in-car entertainment systems don't work. Or if you want to be REALLY scared, how about the anasthesia machines running on QNX? I guess they "can't do nothing" either. </sarcasm>

I would much rather be hooked up to an anasthesia machine running QNX than Linux. Sure, QNX doesn't have the best photo editors, chat clients, or games. But when you're talking about millions of dollars or even human life on the line, is "can I get on AIM?" really a relevant question?

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