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Apple The editors of, a popular Macintosh website and longtime Mac enthusiasts, have switched to Linux. "I've been making my living as Mac-specific developer for several years now... I was a true Mac die-hard," stated Bryan, who also runs a Mac software company, on his blog, "but the Macintosh community, with its bad attitudes and diva-esque nature, rained on my parade. Sure there were other reasons why I switched. But that was the tipping point."
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Everybody Must Get Stoned
by parrotjoe on Tue 25th Jul 2006 17:12 UTC
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From what I can see, anyone or any group who tries to do something online gets bashed. I fear the honeymoon with the warm and caring Linux and Windows communities will be short.

Anyone who is embittered toward his/her operating system because of what other people say needs to get an appt. with a counselor asap.

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