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Apple The editors of, a popular Macintosh website and longtime Mac enthusiasts, have switched to Linux. "I've been making my living as Mac-specific developer for several years now... I was a true Mac die-hard," stated Bryan, who also runs a Mac software company, on his blog, "but the Macintosh community, with its bad attitudes and diva-esque nature, rained on my parade. Sure there were other reasons why I switched. But that was the tipping point."
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RE[4]: Interesting choice.
by REM2000 on Tue 25th Jul 2006 19:18 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Interesting choice."
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He didn't say they would be coding there own drivers, he said they would be benefiting from it.

As a stable API for drivers, and other frameworks brings not just software stability but peace of mind for developers.

I think Linux has reached a good maturity, i would like to see more standards get adopted though, such as a default single Soundcard interface, etc..

I use all three OS's Windows, Mac OSX and Linux, sure they all pee me off now and again but they are good are what they do best. Same goes for the community, i block out the ramblings of those who just troll and annoy and listen to the comments which are well constructed regardless if they are positive or negative.

Good luck on the new project though.

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