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Linux In the Linux land 99% of the applications are open source. It is part of the nature of the GNU/Linux community ecosystem to endorse open software. But there are a few applications that are not open and as they fill up a niche, they are pretty popular. Come in and vote for your favorite.
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by Noremacam on Wed 26th Jul 2006 13:37 UTC
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I'm surprised I don't see anyone here complaining about wifi. I can't put holes in my walls and run cables, so I have my desktop connected via wifi. My wifi card has a broadcom chipset and only works with ndiswrapper + proprietary driver.

Ndiswrapper doesn't come with most major distributions. Insult to injury, most distributions require getting online to get the ndiswrapper package(and dependencies)! Yeah, let me just take my desktop down the stairs and put it on top of my refridgerator where my router is just so I can get wifi working. This is the main reason I run Ubuntu instead of Fedora(my prior favorite).

Having access to wifi drivers is so critical for me to use desktop linux. Broadcom's non-existant drivers really tick me off.

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