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SkyOS SkyOS Beta 8.5 has just been released. New features include the Indexing Service, an SQL based file attribute and content index service which makes it possible to find your files in a fraction of a second, better developer support, and a lot of bug fixes. NVU has also been ported and is available in this release. You can read the changelog here. Update: Screenshots gallery by OSDir.
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RE: hmm
by bornagainenguin on Sun 7th Aug 2005 08:07 UTC in reply to "hmm"
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Why do the comments alwaystend to focus on GPL and not on the tremendous (or so we're told) improvements in SkyOS itself?

Hmm...perhaps its this wa for the simpl reason that if SkyOS /were/ under GPL then it would be possible to test out the fcuking thing--as it is all these once intresting announcements on ammount to is recollections of the 'Look at my new toy!' handwaving so many of us recall from childhood visits to the neighborhood spoilted brat who always had th cool toys that only his 'extra special but only for today bestest friend'....

Make the betas releasable under some type of beta-testers' license allowing for bitorrent release and incorporate some kind of time bomb (ala Winows 2003 Server betas) to prevent any use of the betas after the final reease and most importantly make the debuggers and error reporting tools on by default so as to nab any and all useful info....Then, THEN you might find more of us discussing the behavior of the latest features, and what hardware support has een improved ala the intresting post commenting on the length of time decreasing to install as compared to earler betas. And what d'ya know all without costing Robert anything in extra bandwith (except maybe for the phone homes in those error reportng tools) and it may even lead to (Gasp Shock) more sales down the road by someone who triedout the betas and remembers them fondly.

As it is now...we're bored already with hearing about how great this new toy you have is and would like to either discuss ways to convince you to let us pay too or would like to play something else, something you don't need to be a 'cool kid' to play with.


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