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Linux Greg Kroah-Hartman has put the slides and a transcript to his keynote at OLS online. The title speaks volumes: "Myths, Lies, and Truths about the Linux kernel". He starts off: "I'm going to discuss the a number of different lies that people always say about the kernel and try to debunk them; go over a few truths that aren't commonly known, and discuss some myths that I hear repeated a lot."
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Kernel drivers link with the kernel...
by vtolkov on Wed 26th Jul 2006 23:19 UTC
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>>What is a difference between kernel driver and application? Both provide some special functionality, both interact with kernel using API.

> Kernel drivers link with the kernel, applications do not.

"Linked" is not a word from legal or business dictionary. "linked" is a rather unimportant technical detail, which just reflects current state of Linux kernel development. Saying that driver violates GNU license, when it is linked, and does not violate when it is "loaded as a module" or "works in user-space" does not have sense. From busuness point of view driver "is installed", whatever it means.

The same from development point of view. If I do a hardware, which needs software to work, I design both user space and kernel space software and ship it together. And I need stable API on both sides or I'll ship my own version of kernel to be sure that I control this part and then I will have to provide my own security updates and everything.

When you develop for Windows, you do not need to worry about providiing Windows security updates, do you?

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