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Linux In the Linux land 99% of the applications are open source. It is part of the nature of the GNU/Linux community ecosystem to endorse open software. But there are a few applications that are not open and as they fill up a niche, they are pretty popular. Come in and vote for your favorite.
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My opinion and list
by Elv13 on Thu 27th Jul 2006 00:41 UTC
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Software that have a place in linux world
-Opera (i am nor using it alot, but some are)
-Maya (i use blender but sometime i need more)
-AMD-ATI(lol)/nvidia driver (very usefull)
-Close source codec (who dont use them in 2006!)
-Skype (usefull for call for free, but for chat, jabber do the job)
-Google earth (nasa-ww is good, but vs G. earth... nothing)
-Sun Java (will be open source, but have is place)
-Adobe flash plugin (what is web without it)
-VMware (for when linux cant do the job and we need a GUI friendly user virtualisation software)

Software who dont:
-Real player
-Acrobat reader
-CrossOver office / cedega / wine based software (picasa)

Software that are missing:
-Macromedia (adobe) suite : NVU is dead, f4l is dead, linux need GOOD multimedia/flash/web editor. If those project reborn and make real alternative, it is perfect, but actually...
-Itunes and other mp3 player/cellphone/pocket PC/palm manager. Open source apps are too slow to evoluate and sometime important feature are missing (podcast and video for ipod, playlist gestion etc...)

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