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Linux Greg Kroah-Hartman has put the slides and a transcript to his keynote at OLS online. The title speaks volumes: "Myths, Lies, and Truths about the Linux kernel". He starts off: "I'm going to discuss the a number of different lies that people always say about the kernel and try to debunk them; go over a few truths that aren't commonly known, and discuss some myths that I hear repeated a lot."
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RE[2]: Not truth, but commercial
by vtolkov on Thu 27th Jul 2006 04:15 UTC in reply to "RE: Not truth, but commercial"
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>Applications do not link to the kernel, drivers do.
As I already wrote here, "linking" is a technical detail, describing the way of installing driver. The only legally important fact is that software is installed onto a machine.

> Applications do not use kernel header files, drivers do, therefore drivers are derivatives.
Really? Header file does nothing, except describing API. And any application, if it wants to use OS API should also use some kind of header files, when compiled.

Proprietary drivers do not use header files for it's internal HAL layers, they use internal API, which codebase is usually shared between OSs. Only top-level OS interface depends from kernel header and it can be easily distributed under GNU.

>I find it hard to believe that most of your devices don't work.
Well. I do this test about 7 years from time to time. Trying to install one of most popular Linux distributions and see it if works and if I can use it without switching to Windows. I do this on my notebook as well. Not yet. Close enough, but not yet. Buggy, folks. Buggy.

I do not see the point of listing all devices here. This is big list. Just few, for example: VBox USB HDTV tuner, lightscribe for DVD writer, KISS DVD Link software, if you know what is it, TV Camera on Sony VAIO, and so on.

>You know there is a utility for grabbing monitor specs from the monitor itself right?
Well. Windows does not ask me to know about utility. It just works. I have 4 distributives installed on my system just now, I had to edit config file manually on every of them.

>Printer drivers are in userspace.
I hope so. But important thing from business point of view is that I reboot into Windows when I need to print.

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