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Internet & Networking In a meeting that will go down in internet history, the United States government last night conceded that it can no longer expect to maintain its position as the ultimate authority over the internet. Having been the internet's instigator and, since 1998, its voluntary taskmaster, the US government finally agreed to transition its control over not-for-profit internet overseeing organisation ICANN, making the organisation a more international body. Update: Ars contradicts El Reg's claims: "Contrary to some reports, things are not about to change. After a meeting at the Commerce Department, Acting Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information, John M.R. Kneuer, said that the existing arrangement was likely to continue, at least for another year."
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Wishful thinking
by Pseudo Cyborg on Thu 27th Jul 2006 23:43 UTC
Pseudo Cyborg
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I hope this happens soon. ICANN is currently hopeless. They leave so many holes open for scammers. They need to take a cue from EURid.

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