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Windows Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer wrapped up a meeting with financial analysts Thursday by promising that the company would make sure it releases new Windows versions more quickly. Also, Microsoft on Thursday showed a prototype of a cell phone-based computer that could one day find a use as a cheap PC for emerging markets.
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RE: is that what CUSTOMERS want ?
by Celerate on Fri 28th Jul 2006 08:00 UTC in reply to "is that what CUSTOMERS want ?"
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"What Ballmer ought to be scared about is the increasing STABILITY of say Linux."

That's something Ballmer has always had to keep in mind. One of Linux's claims to fame was stability, during the days of Windows 9x and Me I'd have to deal with some computers that you could wager on crashing a certain number of times a day.

As far as stability goes, Linux has never been at a disadvantage. Windows on the other hand has had to clean up it's act, and with XP I have to say it's come a long way.

"The idea of perpetual change, perpetual bugs, perpetual job-security is what his employees want to hear, not his CUSTOMERS !"

I share your sentiment when it comes to the target Windows release frequency Microsoft hopes to attain. Every two years is unattractive to me. Linux has releases every six months for some distributions, every year for others, and some take several years. But despite the fast releases many of them are free and there's no pressure to upgrade.

I was very happy with the longer life span of XP, I'd probably regret that it's going to end soon, but I primarily use Linux :-) .

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