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ReactOS The second issue of the ReactOS status reports was published today by Aleksey Bragin (ReactOS's project coordinator). It's a general overview of the last 6 months of project's progress, with some additional information and future outlook. The document is available in .doc, .rtf, Word 2003 .xml, .txt, .odt, and .pdf.
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RE: One Question
by Morin on Fri 28th Jul 2006 16:22 UTC in reply to "One Question"
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> Personally, given that the NT architecture was supposed
> to support many faces (NT, POSIX, win32, win16, etc) on
> top of the kernel, I guess I would prefer if the
> special cases were moved out of the core win32
> implementation and into a special face (can't really
> remember the right term for this sorry). Is this
> possible to do? From reverse engineering can they know
> what are special cases and what aren't? What impact
> would this have on the size and stability of the
> implementation?

AFAIK, the 'faces' you speak about only apply to userspace programs. For them, your idea might very well be possible. The interesting stuff however happens between the kernel and the userspace, in the so-called executive. This is also where drivers run. AFAIK, for executive modules, no different views exist. All modules see the interface presented to them by the lower-level unit (kernel and HAL) and the interfaces from other executive modules.

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