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.NET (dotGNU too) Microsoft is leaving Java in the dust, but the company still has room to grow in the developer arena, a key executive said. Speaking at the Microsoft FAM (Financial Analyst Meeting) on July 27 in Redmond, Wash., Bob Muglia, Microsoft's senior vice president of Server and Tools business, said Microsoft's .Net platform has outpaced Java, particularly the Java Enterprise Edition, over the past five years to become the development platform of choice for enterprise development.
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I believe operator overloading was specifically avoided in Java because it's simply bad style, in most situations, and even when it's not it's often abused.

Infact, Java already has some form of operator overloading. For example, when you write:

String line = "X = " + x + ", Y = " + y;

You begin to realize how useful operator overloading is. Why can't this be extend to other classes (like BigDecimal & BigInteger as mentioned above), or even our own?

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