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Google Google has created a repository system for software development much like SourceForge. The system even checks new project names against SourceForge's database to ensure no one sets up conflicting names. Greg Stein, an open source engineer within Google and chairman of the Apache Software Foundation, said: "We really like SourceForge, and we don't want to hurt SourceForge or take away projects." Instead, Stein says that the goal is to see what Google can do with the Google infrastructure, to provide an alternative for open source projects.
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I don't think having a Gmail account makes you special, and indeed I do not think that is the reason to keep it invite only. I think it is a good networking device. Whether it is by accident or not, but its a useful way to give people your email address (if they don't already have an account), and it probably helps get rid of automated signups.

And lastly, who doesn't know someone with a gmail account. I have 2 with 100 invites each. Its not as if they are really trying to keep it exclusive. Lats I heard they had about 8-9 million users, and assuming each of those has 100 invites, that like 800-900 millions addresses they could have. Not really such a plan for exclusivity. And its still in beta anyway, but i think they should stick to the invite system.

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