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Intel Intel officially closed the books on the Pentium era on Thursday with the Core 2 Duo, its most important product launch in 13 years. Two classes of Core 2 Duo processors were released Thursday. PCs based on the Core Extreme processor are available immediately. However, 'Extreme' is an appropriate description for both the performance and price of those systems, and they are only appropriate for the deep-pocketed performance-starved user. Mainstream systems at more affordable prices will start to appear in early August, Intel CEO said.
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by mjmoran on Sat 29th Jul 2006 19:10 UTC
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Well, im glad Intel has finally gotten back on their game. It seemed like for about 4 years their pipelines were reaching for the moon and (to continue with figurative speech) their processors could heat a space shuttle. Im really happy about this. Now, I've been an AMD fan for many years, and it seemed like AMD was the only company really inovating. Hopefully this will spur another "arms race" between the two companies. Only instead of the megahertz war it will be cores/performance per watt.

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