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Linux SymphonyOS, one of the more refreshing Linux distributions, is in trouble, since its lead developer is in financial troubles. "Core symphony development is currently stalled as I am without electricity in my apartment. I need to raise some money this week in order to have electric restored and cover some expenses. Project donations are greatly appreciated and any referral for paying projects are greatly appreciated as well. I have really big plans for symphony in the near future that will hopefully blow some larger distros out of the water. I cant wait to share them all with you."
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by Dark Leth on Sat 29th Jul 2006 21:11 UTC
Dark Leth
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Please, if you can afford to do so, help this project out. They are one of the few distributions that are trying to "think differently". Ryan has dedicated the past year and a half to this project, and the least we could do is try to give him a hand.

I understand that some financial situations prohibit giving; I am in the same boat. However, if you could spare a couple of dollars, you'd be supporting a project that (I believe) will pay you back many more times that in the future.

Thanks for your time,

Alexander Drummond

The site is currently undergoing heavy stress; in case of down-time, here is a direct link to Ryan's paypal:

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