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Opera Software Opera Software is making plans to steal market share from Microsoft. Though a launch date for Opera 10 hasn't yet been set, Opera is hoping the updated application will lure users away from Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 by building on Opera 9's use of small Web applications called widgets.
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Missing "feature"
by PowerMacX on Sun 30th Jul 2006 00:21 UTC
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Give me an option to put the tabs below the address bar readily accessible in the preferences, and I may start using it more often (that is, other than to test compatibility for web sites I develop). Also, I really feel that the "Start Bar" should be off by default; too much clutter doesn't cause a good first impression.

Finally, I barely use the Dashboard in Mac OS X as it is. Having even more widgets -tied to a browser to boot- is definitely not something I'm looking forward to in Opera 10.

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