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Opera Software Opera Software is making plans to steal market share from Microsoft. Though a launch date for Opera 10 hasn't yet been set, Opera is hoping the updated application will lure users away from Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 by building on Opera 9's use of small Web applications called widgets.
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RE[2]: Grrrr .....
by WorknMan on Sun 30th Jul 2006 03:46 UTC in reply to "RE: Grrrr ....."
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most of what, on a modern day PC, is 'NEEDED' can be accomplished online now. The only limiter is bandwidth.

Curious if you could (or if you would want to) do the following online:

1. Watch/burn DVDs
2. Play the latest 3D games
3. Create/edit audio and/or video
4. Manage files using something with a lot more functionality than Windows Explorer
5. Could we get Trillian or Gaim to work on this platform?

And well, there are numerous other things. For example, I have a piece of software that I use to patch (legal) game roms for play on my Nintendo DS Supercard. I could just see myself doing that on an embedded device running Opera 10.

It seems to me that this whole 'widget' thing is just a solution looking for a problem. In a few years, Oragami (sp) type devices will be powerfull enough to run full-blown operating systems with battery life that doesn't suck. Not that the whole widge/web-based platform is a bad idea, as it definitely has its uses. But one of those uses is not to replace desktops, unless your needs are very limited, in which case you could probably get by right now with a PDA/Smartphone.

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