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Windows Vista has an inbuilt undelete system based on Windows Server 2003's versioning file system, Microsoft has revealed. The technology, which is automatically switched on in Vista, will be a boon for anyone who has accidentally overwritten their PhD thesis with a BPAY receipt.
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RE: Pandering?
by RandomGuy on Sun 30th Jul 2006 22:18 UTC
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"You should be trained to understand when something is properly deleted. The Amiga went one better - it didn't ask "Are you sure you want to delete?", you learnt to only delete files when you were absolutely sure the first time, not the third or fourth step down the line :/"

Well, I have experienced both situations, being annoyed by endless questions like "Now, do you really really REALLY want to delete?" as well as being very happy that I could restore the files I just deleted...
Can happen quite easily if you navigate mostly with your keyboard where "del" and "enter" are not even an inch apart...
Nearly impossible if you use the mouse, though...

I think the best solution is easy delete (no damn dialogue) and easy undelete as well as a relatively simple "save delete" option
Remember: easy things should be easy and difficult things should be possible...

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