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Opera Software Opera Software is making plans to steal market share from Microsoft. Though a launch date for Opera 10 hasn't yet been set, Opera is hoping the updated application will lure users away from Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 by building on Opera 9's use of small Web applications called widgets.
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RE[3]: Grrrr .....
by Adurbe on Mon 31st Jul 2006 00:32 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Grrrr ....."
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i was thinking a cheap slim client conditions not really home use. But ill take the bait and reply

1. Watch/burn DVDs
streaming an avi. I can do that now within my local network, why not online via a widget frontend?

2. Play the latest 3D games
server farms such as sun's thing recently where u rent cpu time.
under current models this might not be viable but if it cost a nominal amount, why not? you pay for WoW. why not have them do more of the number crunching on your behalf?

3. Create/edit audio and/or video
def server farms. Just write the gui in java.

4. Manage files using something with a lot more functionality than Windows Explorer
Ive written an ftp client in java, you could move, make folders, yada yada just using little more than the basic ftp protacol. Extend that and you have a file manager
(this one is assuming the scenario where you have no hd and all your files all online or in a central company filestore)

5. Could we get Trillian or Gaim to work on this platform?
multipul protocals messengers can be made using a java (widget) front end so im confused why this one is even.

obviously none of this would be viable under current internet speeds. But it wasnt THAT long ago when my 9600 was the dogs!!

also you can always argue local hardware is gonna be faster. But if you cant afford it, its not help to anyone. The idea of my posts is to get people think of an alternate scenario as opposed to the way its done now.

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